The AdVANtages of VANpools

As the most cost effective mode of public transportation, vanpools minimize your monthly expenses for gasoline, insurance, and maintenance on your personal vehicle. Additionally, vanpools benefit the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road.




Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I ride with you?
We pride ourselves in keeping well-maintained, clean vehicles for safe and reliable transportation. We believe in providing quality service and maintaining contact with our customers. Patriotic AdVANtures covers Virginia and Washington DC. Find out whether or not vanpooling is for you!
What are your routes and their hours of operation?
Most routes operate Monday-Friday and support the working hours requested by the riders. Please call if you have specific questions regarding our routes. We maintain schedules that meet the requests of our clients. New routes are always forming!
How does driving work?
Vanpools rely on the riders to share the ride as well as the drive. Some of our vanpools have one or two individuals who prefer to drive and volunteer as "Primary Drivers", while other vanpools function under a "watch bill rotation" format to share the driving duties. We encourage our customers to be back-up drivers and show our gratitude to those who volunteer through various driver appreciation programs. All that is required to be authorized as a driver on one of our vans is to be 25 or older and have a valid driver's license with a safe driving record.
What does it cost?
We operate on a monthly fee and there is no contract to sign. Please Contact Us to find the best route for you and its current rate. Be sure to check whether or not your employer will help pay!
How do I start?
Just call or email us today or complete our online request form and we will contact you as soon as possible!
How can I contact you?
Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns!
Interested in joining our vanpool?
  • 571-330-1866

  • Customer Service:
  • 571-329-5195

  • Maintenance concerns?
  • 571-334-0071

  • Billing Questions:
  • 571-882-9878
  • Customer Testimonials

    "I'm very grateful for the service you provide and for the friendly exchanges and flexibility you have given me. Thanks so much!"
    Douglas E.
    "Our success and the success of the company, in my opinion, is built on the principle of making things easy on the commuter. No pressure, no strict rules, etc. Our (informal) rules are based on having respect for each other."
    Matt H.
    "It has been great being part of the van riding experience and have gained many friends. Although commuting into DC everyday is not something most people look forward to, being part of the [vanpool] makes it much more bearable. Thanks for being a great van commuting company!"
    Ken T.
    "It's a good van. I've been vanpooling for over 20 years and it's the best one by far. Good people and good organization; and that comes from you guys!"
    Larry B.


    John and Carolyn moved to Stafford, Virginia in 2005. Like many military transplants, John searched for a good commuting option along I-95 and came up short. After attempting riding the train, carpooling, and "slugging," finally a solution was found -- VANPOOLING! It all started with a single van. Strong interest by other individual commuters and small carpools in the DC area, who were searching for a more efficient and economical option, quickly drove our growth from one van to three. In 2007, Patriotic AdVANtures, LLC was born and the number of locations served via a variety of routes boomed. Combining Carolyn's years of experience in travel and customer service with John's education and background in business, Patriotic AdVANtures offer a unique blend of tremendous customer service and safe, reliable & efficient operations for you. Our fleet, now consisting of approximately fifty vans, along with our staff of maintenance and customer service managers, continues to grow as new consumers approach us seeking a new option for their commute. If you don't see a route that fits your needs, let us know! If you need more information or would like to join a van, please call us today.