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Safety First!" has always been our top priority.  In looking at how best to support our riders and the community needs, we recognize that as work places open back up, mass transit will be required.  The question becomes, how do we get back to work safely?  The traffic volume is already increasing.  The cost of driving and the increased risk exposure of slugging make them unattractive solutions.  Mass transit is actively discouraged by most organizations as it increases the risk exposure to high numbers of different people everyday.  Vanpooling is a unique alternative that effectively limits exposure to a few individuals and still supports a safe, affordable, and lower stress commuting solution.  

For more information about the virus and what precautions you need to take visit these websites

The Advantage Of VANpools

We stand at the ready to support you, your co-workers, your neighbors, and your friends commuting needs.


We understand this is a dynamic and evolving environment.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out.  We are here to support your commuting needs to the best of our abilities.  As all of our routes will have different needs and requirements, we wanted to share some general guidelines as we start back up:


1) Face coverings --  As recommended by health professionals, face coverings are required for all riders.  This is similar to the community requirements at all supermarkets and indoor businesses.  


2) Follow your workplace "Stay Home if" guidance on coming to work.  If you have any doubt that you will be sent home, please do not ride on the van.  If you feel ill at work, please inform your fellow riders then register and use the Guaranteed Ride Home program with commuter connections for your evening commute.


3)  Maximize distance between riders.  Try to space out as much as possible, (Ie., one person per row in back).  Our initial goal is to limit ridership to 6-7 riders on full size vans and 3-4 riders on mini vans to allow for the best social distancing.  We will be looking at adding routes (temporary or permanently) as needed to support.  This is a complex issue. We will work with each van to support the best solution.  


4) Best practices -- 

          * Wipe down the steering wheel and console after each use.

          * Open windows, a reasonable amount, to increase fresh air flow.  

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